Paddock Power - powering performance

Horses at grass thrive on Paddock Power, the original paddock lick with added protein and full spectrum vitamins and minerals

One day all paddocks will have Paddock Power!

Peak condition for horses at grass

  • 4yr old thoroughbred, thrived this summer with Paddock Power. Has gone back in to training now a different horse. Much stronger and more relaxed attitude! "best ride in the yard"

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Addressing your top 3 issues with horses kept at grass


Paddock Power improves your horse's condition, coat, feet, health and temperament, providing your horse with an excellent balance of minerals and vitamins coupled with protein, oil and protected trace elements.


Feeding traditional supplemental hard feed to horses at grass at any time of year can be dangerous for both horse and staff. Calm horses on Paddock Power's unique self-feeding system avoid this danger.


Paddock Power removes the need to hard feed horses out at pasture, whilst giving you the peace of mind that your horses are getting everything they need to supplement their diet of grass and good hay. 

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