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The story behind the development of Paddock Power - six months research, one year of field trials

After 6 months of research and development with a top nutritionist at Tithebarn and working alongside our vet, Paddock Power was born.  Another year of in-field trials has proven how effective this product is


Paddock Power was born on the back of years of experience over wintering large numbers of horses, primarily for polo.  We have experienced many different problems horses face being kept out, particularly over the winter:

  • Keeping general condition and weight
  • Maintaining top line
  • Suffering from foot abscesses
  • Skin problems such as rain scald
  • Injuries to each other fighting over hard feed
  • Injuries to carers trying to administer hard feed
  • Wasting hard feed by trampling it into the ground and the horses kicking it around
  • The “weak” horse in the group that you want the most feed being kept off by the more dominant horses, no matter how far you spread out the feed.

There had to be a better way of feeding other than traditional hard feeds to supplement the grass/hay/haylage... But it was not out there... It did not exist until now...


  • 4yr old  warmblood gelding 18hh.Turned away after being broken & ridden away. He was extremely light and looked poor. Gained weight and  condition whilst out with Paddock Power blocks He seemed to get his personality back too!

  • Sugarformyhoney, 7yr old X racehorse - now in foal. Was always a high maintenance mare - not a great doer. Since being turned away this summer she has thrived and looks the best she has ever looked. Very content. Thanks to Paddock Power!

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About us

Esther Hunt

Our ever changing weather patterns mean the dynamics of the available nutrient levels in pasture change from year to year.  Coupled with this, particularly in the polo industry, we are moving towards more thoroughbred type horses.  These horses are thinner skinned and more highly strung than the native breeds and struggle to cope with the cold, wet and windy weather in particular.  Over the last few years our winters have changed dramatically.  We no longer seem to get the long periods of frost and icy conditions with the still dry days that horses thrive in.  Instead our winters are milder, wetter and windier.  Horses find these types of conditions much harder to deal with and problems like rain scald, foot abscesses and general poor health are more prevalent. 

We were already using Tithebarn products to help balance vitamin and mineral levels in the horses but knew we could do a lot more.  Many of the thoroughbred type horses needed extra hard feed to get them through the winter.  This was not only dangerous for our staff trying to feed multiple horses in the field but also the horses naturally will fight over feed containers and injuries to both horses and carers are inevitable feeding this way.  I wanted to give the horses a feed that was set in a block that would provide them with all of the essential nutrients required to combat the winter and alleviate the risks of traditional hard feeding. 

However it did not exist in the format we needed. After 6 months of research and development with a top nutritionist at Tithebarn and working alongside our vet, Paddock Power was born.  Another year of in field trials has proven how effective this product is.  It provides your horse with an excellent balance of mins and vits coupled with our unique protein formula, oil and protected trace elements. We developed this to help the horses in our care and not as a commercial product; therefore we have not cut any corners or compromised on the quality of the ingredients.   Because the field trials have been so successful we decided to launch the product into the wider equestrian world.

About Tithebarn

Established in 1935, Tithebarn is the UK’s leading livestock mineral and vitamin supplement manufacturer.  We are a family run company based in Cheshire.  We only use the finest raw materials in our products meaning the ingredients in our supplements are highly bio available to the horse.  The manufacturing process we use is unique and, coupled with the highest quality raw materials, creates an extremely effective product.  Our products include: Rockies, Turfmin Plus, and we are proud to manufacture Paddock Power for Full Swing Polo.